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Art Idea Studio develops the right vision and necessary conceptual and technical skills in any aspiring artist. We provide important guidance and artistic resources for excellent Art College Portfolio preparation aiming for acceptance in Colleges: Asia and Abroad. We firmly believe in building a constant habit of  ‘Practice’ in creative minds; thereby promoting a strong foundation in every field of art be it 2D or 3D. With an exceptional faculty of senior students and teachers, you will learn to stand firm in your passion and certainly emerge as a brilliant artist! 

Her Statement




Art speaks when words are unable to explain. Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, educate, inspire and motivate. Namaste, my name is Smita Gomay and I am an instructor of Visual Arts. Teaching has always been my passion, and that is why I have take it as a fun to do learning activity. At Art Idea Studio, I will teach you about a wide variety of art forms, art movements, artists and their essential techniques. I assure you that you will become very open-minded and focused on enhancing your art-making practices to create something very exceptional and rewarding!

Smita Gomay has over a decade of experience as a teacher and a freelance artist. She is currently working at Jayshree Periwal International School, Jaipur, and has conducted art workshops across the country. Her expertise lies in realistic sculptures, wall art, illustrations, abstract art, and many other international art forms. 

His Statement





Sandeep Gomay is a multidisciplinary artist with over 11 year of experience in art. He is currently teaching at Jayshree Periwal International School, Jaipur. He has conducted numerous art workshops across the country, and his expertise lies in exquisite Art College Portfolio preparation (for selection in National and International colleges), providing guidance to IGCSE and IB board students with completion of top studio artworks and process portfolios. He has worked and displayed his body of work in multiple sites including the famous Jaipur Literature Festival and Jairangam which are held annually.

I, Sandeep Gomay, truly believe in the thought that we all have the potential to fill our dreams, ideas and aspirations with beautiful colours. We all have an artist hidden in us, who loves to experiment with any given media, who takes numerous risks to create something extraordinary, who lives life through his brushstrokes, lines and marks. This artist in you, is someone who is completely free from any who, why and hows of life; deeply motivated to create his own reality through the medium of Art

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